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Today's Separated Instrument Removal

From: Terry Pannkuk
To: roots
Sent: Saturday, February 11, 2012 8:22 AM
Subject: [roots] Today's Separated Instrument Removal

Idiotic Conservative accessàmissed mesial marginal ridge fracture 
to the pulpal floor ->missed MB2 -> failed to dissect out pulp chamber 
Coxcrap ->the 3 canals found were filled grossly short - >separated 
rotary midroot of the MB just around the curve
(patient uninformed) ->acute periapical abcess ->patient in pain and 
pissed off. (She shared her stress and despair with all of us).

The separated instrument removal wasn’t that difficult but it was a 
long, tedious, systematic process, difficult for the patient..

Oh Yeah,,,,, and then there was this nice Thermafilth retreatment 
case I started on this 25 year old guy. He wasn’t happy either.
 - Terry

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Instrument removal

Instrument removal

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