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MB and D canal joined at apex :
anatomy LL7

From: Dr. Robert Kaufmann
Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2005 10:53 PM
Subject: [roots] Intersting a.m. anatomy LL7

First case this morning.
Mandibular 2nd molar.
MB and D canal joined at apex. - Robert M. Kaufmann

Three roots? :-) Guy Nice Case Rob.....well done and nicely documented radiographically. Clap clap clap COuld you have done as well without the scope? Do you referral docs notice a difference in your cases? - Glenn I'm not sure that they do notice the shapes or extra canals or fins or isthmuses. Honestly. :-( What they DO notice is : 1. How the orifices are now bonded in the cases of those who will LET me do it. 2. How the accesses are much cleaner and smoother- 3. How much nicer the margins are in those cases that I DO restore the access. I'll never be at the level of a Liviu Steier, but with the stuff I've learned on roots I'm doing a lot better than just stuffing amalgam over an access like I used to do. 4. How I'm seeing stuff in the mouth that THEY are missing. (That's a little trickier to handle.) - Rob

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