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Internal/External Bleaching

From: Venkat
Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2006 5:01 PM
Subject: [roots] Internal/External Bleaching

Two cases of non vital bleaching done recently.
patients opted for whitening of teeth along with non vital bleaching.
20% carbamide peroxide was used in both the cases
After the first week of regular bleaching I reviewed the patient and 
opened the access leaving at least 2mm of resin over the obturation material.
Cavosurface margins were rounded and polished to minimise irritation to the tongue
In both the  cases satisfactory shade change was noticed after one week. during 
this period patient was asked keep the cavity clean with an interdental brush.

I practice this technique only when patients opt for regular bleaching as well.
I did not find any LIT that suggests this technique.
My concern was leaving the cavity open....... any comments - Venkat

Internal/External Bleaching

Internal/External Bleaching

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