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Intrusion case

From: Fred Barnett To: ROOTS Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 7:58 PM Subject: [roots] intrusion case Very strange case......take a look and try to figure out what is going on here - Fred intrusion case

intrusion case

intrusion case It doesn't look like it ever erupted. No damage to root, normal PDL space and laminate dura. Impaction is my guess. The only real answer would come from the clinical history or old radiographs, though. - Milan Hello Fred, Pretty interesting How did the central become evulsed? I can see that the existing central is impacted and will be directed into the site Is the patient micrognathic? How old? Will the eruption of the existing central help with arch form? Will ortho correction be considered. Do to the position of the central do you anticipate an easy eruption? I am in the process of finishing a case very similar to the posterior problems this patient has. Nice case - Clarence Why would there be an empty socket if it hadnít been intruded and pushed through the labial plate? How many empty root sockets do you see with no history of a tooth? - Terry Hi Terry, When I looked at this, it looked like the right maxillary central incisor was absent (in the socket you pointed out). And the left maxillary central incisor is the one that is impacted. This really looks like a case where the left central never erupted and the erupted dentition crowded into the space, so that there were only 3 incisors in the arch. Then the right central incisor was extracted for some reason very recently. It is unlikely that an avulsed tooth would have such a well-formed socket while exhibiting such a tightly formed periodontal ligament space in its new location. - Milan Madhavji

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