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Symmetric internal resorption

From: "Peter Kiefner" To: "ROOTS" Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 5:51 AM Subject: [roots] internal resorption The patient was referred because "strange colour of the front teeth". Pre-op Rx shows a symmetric internal resorption on both central incisors. The patients med history was noncontributory, no trauma or orthodontic treatment could be remembered by the patient. The patient was referred back to the "home dentist" after RC-filling and coronal seal for further restorative therapy. - Peter

Wow cool case.....I thought they were toast.Nice result. Will be interested to see the long term followups on these - Glenn Hi Dr. Kiefner, Was a cold test done? If so how was the reaction? What did you fill the resorption space with? - August Hi August, sensitivity was negative, so the vitality after access preparation/trepanation. Obturation with warm vertical compacted guttapercha, sealer 2seal (same as AHplus).- Peter nicely done and documented. first class. - gary

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