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K3 out of Apex :hemostasis:circular flap

From: Leandro A. P. Pereira To: ROOTS Sent: Wednesday, July 08, 2009 Subject: [roots] K3 out of apex

beautiful case and nice pictures. did you charge extra for apical surgery? - Dr.kishore nallapati. Thanks Kishore, unfortunately (in this case) I could not charge more for the surgery!!!Oh no!!! the patient is happy... sometimes this can still happen - Leandro Nice documentation Leandro. May I ask why you chose a circular flap design? Wouldn't it be better to have opted for a triangular sulcular flap design? Or the papilla based technique by Velvart? Circular flap tends to give scarring. And you did not place a retro-fill, though that is not necessary and debatable, but if you have a good hemostasis, like you did, I maybe would have placed one - RafaŽl I agree with RafaŽl. Circular flap tends to give scarring. Most of the cases (99%) I prefer another type (sulcular flap design) but in this case, I chose a circular because I knew accurately what I would have to make: just an apicectomie, without retro-prep. and retro-fill because I trusted in my conventional fill, and I checked whth a micro-mirror during the surgery. The problem was only in the end of the root where I did not clean, shape and fill correctly - Leandro

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