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#31 Large canal system

From: Randy Hedrick
Sent: Friday, January 27, 2006 8:24 PM
Subject: [roots] #31 Large Canal System

Here is a case from yesterday.  Endodontic therapy was initiated for
restorative reasons, there were no signs or symptoms.  Black arrested
caries on the occlusal.  The pulp was vital on access and the case was
routine except for 2 things.  It had a very wide isthmus on the mesial
root that was excavated for 2-3mm with a small Mueller bur followed by
troughing with ultrasonics, negotiation with .06 & .08 followed by
ultrasonic debridement with a #15 file about half way down the root.
The other unusual aspect was the large diameter of the canals in the
apices.  Mesial apical preps were to #60 LightSpeed and the distal
to #65 LightSpeed.  More commonly I find the mesial preparations end
up at about a 45 or 50 but the larger preps probably result from larger
canal system as evidenced by the large isthmus.  I didnít expect the
preps to be that big based on the pre-op radiographs but it appears
the apical anatomy was obscured by the radiopacity of the external
oblique ridge.  I wouldnít have been able to debride the isthmus as
thoroughly without the microscope and I wouldnít have known the mesial
canals were so large if I hadnít been using non-tapered instruments.
Obturation was with Resilon/Epiphany. -  Randy Hedrick

Exactly! The lack of taper and extreme flexibility allows for awesome tactile feedback from the apical zone. These sizes are not inconsistent with morphometric studies I've seen. Thanks for sharing,- Kendel aren't those juicy canal systems a kick under the scope? the scope is a great teacher, and so are the LS instruments. Yes, "juicy" is a good way to describe it! Have a great weekend! - Randy Hedrick That is nice flaring! - Jorge Thanks Jorge, I wish they all went that easy and turned out that nice. - Randy

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