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Lateral POE

From: Chaniotis Antonis To: roots Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 10:41 PM Subject: [roots] LATERALS SOME LATERAL POE FROM TODAYS PRACTICE - ANTONIS Lateral lesion What NaOCl do you used? - Luciano great irigation, Antonis. Do you think there might be a deep split in the biscusbid? the two "canals" seem to be quite centered in "their" part of the root - Jörg Great cases! I have same opinion as Jorg that there is a branch in the premolar case. Lateral always parallel the dentin tubule direction due to the nature of development. Again, the obturation you did was great and will work very well for this pt - Hongsheng I am amazed to still see silver cones in your part of the world - Abhinav Misra Mandibular Premolar: First thought was VRF. Upon probing no deep pocket on the mesial. Ended up with lateral anatomy visualized. I hope it will heal. Irrigation protocol Hypoclean PUI- Canal pro EDTA 17%- Sterile water, Shaping protocol: Hyflex CM 25/8%, 25/4%, 30/4%, 40/4%, 45/4% Maxillary premolar: Irrigation protocol Canal pro 6% NaOCl-PUI- Canal pro EDTA 17%-Sterile water, Shaping protocol: D-Finders 8, 10, 12 alternate use (highly constricted canals), Hyflex CM 25/8%, 15/4% to length, 20/4%to length, 25/4%to length,20/6% to length, 30/4% to length - Chaniotis M. Antonis Lateral lesion

Lateral lesion Perfect! Just Perfect! - Raf Michiels I like the shape - or the look you had in these two cases !! Wonderful job as ususal. - Hongsheng

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