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Lateral lesion

From: antonis To: roots Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2012 7:17 PM Subject: [roots] Lateral Lesion Its been said over and over again in this forum. Itís not the truck itís the trucker. NSRCrT by me The amalgam was placed by one of the best OMFS in Athens and a good friend. Although its not MTA I think itís always the trucker that counts - Chaniotis M. Antonis Lateral lesion Excellent case!! Was this a root perforation from the original endo treatment? - Fred Absolutely it is the trucker my friend! - Carlos Murgel Thank you Carlos. I am looking forward to Brazil Roots Summit. Its going to be a lifetime experience for me and i know that i am going to make many new friends there and actually get to know many of my internet dental buddies. I am trying to spread the word with every chance i ve been given. Cant wait.!! Dear prof. Barnett, Thank you for your nice comments. My first impression was that I was dealing with missed lateral anatomy. Upon accessing the tooth pus flooded the pulp chamber. Then I thought I was dealing with a perforation or a perforating resorption. However there was no way that i could see a perforation defect. I ended up treating the case like it was lateral anatomy. By next week I am getting the photographs from the OMFS. These photographs along with some videos from my old analog camera will match to a perfect educational case. The reason I thought I was dealing with high lateral anatomy was the calcium hydroxide radiographs attached. Difficult area for a perforation dont you think so? Attached you will find a second case of high lateral anatomy that I am about to perform the 1 year recall next week. I hope you like this case as well. Lateral lesion Best Regards - Chaniotis M. Antonis Nice case! Excellent! Congratulations, Dear Chianiotis! - Marcelo Bertocco Rememeber lateral lesion healing post. This is the video from my old entree plus microscope with the analog camera and the images - - Chaniotis M. Antonis
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