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Lateral luxation : Buccal fistula :Buccal distal - Courtesy ROOTS
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From: Javier Pascual
Sent: Thursday, May 21, 2009 11:17 PM
Subject: [roots] what can i do??

This patient was referred to me by GP to finish RCT. Previous access complication,
He couldnīt find the canal.

Patient is 74 year old. Dental Trauma when He was 11 years old. Canīt remeber 
properly, maybe a lateral luxation. Buccal fistula, no pain to percussion, 
asymptomatic tooth.
Deep probing 12 mm in Buccal-Distal.

First Session- Canal Location, vital pulp tissue!!! Canal instrumentation. CaOH dressing
for 1 month Second Session- Obturation with GP+Resin Sealer. Fistula still present.

What do you think is happening here? What would you do? This patient has heart disease,
is taking sintron - Javier Pascual

It sure sounds like a fracture, Javier. I believe the only thing you can do is an implant. Nice effort, though - Leo. Thank you very much Leo. Carlos I managed to find in the canal in the coronal third. Apex Locator didnīt show weird lectures. I think It is not but I will take off angled rx. Fistula was there before I started RCT. Unfortunately I donīt have off anglgs rx. Iīll visit this patient again in ten days.Iīll take them - Javier Javier do you have a angle RX of the files or the final treatment? Have you ever consider a root perforation? That paper point picture with blood is very suspicious - Carlos Murgel CD, Dr. sorry these are the pictures!! Should I raise a flap?? - Javier

Hi Javier, You could put a gp in the fistula and look for the origine of the drainage. Saludos - August

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