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Lesion on cuspid

From: Terry Pannkuk To: roots Sent: Friday, March 02, 2012 8:35 AM Subject: RE: [roots] A nonfortuitous long term recall Iím looking through some cases for a resorption presentation I'ím preparing. I thought the attached case was interesting. I treated the second molar and the bicuspid in 1999. They were still there in 2008 but the first molar was developing more advanced ECIR and the teeth I treated were probably on the chopping block as an implant treatment plan was being developed. These are the types of cases that fall into the 1/3 non-surviving/non-healthy category. I insist I learn a lot about my own treatment outcome results by looking at the teeth I can in my practice. The below radiographic image is how the patient first presented in 1999: I doubt many people would attempt to save #20 in 2012. I'íd call the coronal shaping of #20 quite wide. Teeth are usually wrecked from the outside not the inside. Iím not convinced from any evidence (literature or empirical) that internal bonding/fracture resistance is a necessary primary goal of endodontic treatment; debridement/sealing to protect the attachment apparatus from communicating pathogens is . I suspect there is a lesion on the cuspid because itís likely a poorly cleaned/poorly filled/sealed case. If you perfectly clean the canal system itís not that important to fill it. If you aren'ít perfect (none of us are) you better fill/seal it the best you can. Less space=less room for a clinically significant titer of pathogens. Obturation for all practical purposes is important, even though ideally in Utopia it is not - Terry lesion on cuspid
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