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Lesion on MB : Chipped tooth - Courtesy ROOTS
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From: "Guy Moorman"
Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 2009 4:15 PM
Subject: [roots] OLD PATIENT and younger old patient

This is my 95 yo mother.  She has been complaining about this tooth for a
year now and we found the lesion several years ago.  This was done by a
grandfathered endodontist in Valdosta a long time ago.  The obvious lesion
was on the MB but there are short fills everywhere and no MB2.  Got the
crown off...solid common sense in this one even with a scope.

At first I thought the palatal was calcified but scope shows something that
is hard as a an acrylic.  I removed it as far as possible with
a 1/2 round Mounce.  I don't think the palatal was an issue anyway.  Got
patent on the MB1 and DB and started looking for the MB2.  Finally tripped
on it and got patent on it.

Crown down with Twisted Files starting with a 0.08 and finishing with a
0.06.  Finished to TF 35 apex and ran a 35 tipped K3 down all canals.
Filled with self etch Epiphany sealer and Resilon/System A.  This is a tough
sit for Mother and the final films were tough but we got them.  One is a bit
blurry.  I think the problem was the MB and even though one film makes it
look like we are off center, initial patency was fairly easy with handfiles
on both the MB1 and MB2.  What do you think about the off center MB canals.
And what would an older endodontist put in that palatal that was hard as
stone.  I think that off center is an aberration.  Filled the P with Resilon
and Epiphany using laterals and System A.  Temp crown was placed and we'll
see.  This one was enough endo for an afternoon.

This patient was in the other room with a chipped tooth. This is an old self cure P10. Anyone remember those? Didn't discolor like some self cures but did pit badly. This should and will be a crown but has been there a long time...1985 I think the chart said. I went to P10 as soon as it hit the my office and forgot the date but old. Shouldn't show this because it is messy from polish...chalk. I actually did this under a dam much to the patients dismay but polished with it off after checking occlusion. I find it really difficult to check occlusion with dam on.

I wanted to show a crack on the lingual that I heard pop as my assistant cured. This was a thin cusp but now it is one half a cusp. Artiste and Bond It. Sorry about the mess. I stacked this one a little bit more, Liviu. I swore after seeing yours I wasn't going to post any more of my directs...but I am. :-) Guy I liked the Restoration part than the Endo :) - Chellian

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