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Lower Molar - four canals - Courtesy ROOTS

From: "sergio martins"
Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2007 9:25 AM
Subject: [roots] Lower Molar - four canals

It`s just another folie anatomy. Miltex Pro-design rotary files, Guta thermo and Kerr cement. Sugestions?
Comments? Best regards, Sergio Martins

That is absolutely excellent endo - Guy W. Moorman, Jr. DDS Sergio this is a very nice case but looks like you used more than the Miltex files. The cnals looks more shaped than the usual. Can you describe your instrumentation tec? - Carlos Murgel Congratulation ! What a beauty... What do you do on the distal - irrigation - is that the key ? - Dr. Ivan Yovchev DDS I am sure he used GG for pre enlarging....Congratulations again my friend ! - Abrašo Hi Murgel, I`ve used GG# 1-4 for pre enlargement and 30/06 in the mesials and 40/04 in the distals as apical file. Thanks for your comments. Abrašo,- sergio. Very nice Sergio - Camil Ianes