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Lower molar : ravages of chewing tobacco - Courtesy ROOTS

The opinions and photographs within this web page are not ours. Authors have been
credited for the individual posts where they are -
From: Guy W. Moorman, Jr. D.D.s.
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 5:09 PM
Subject: [roots] Yesterday's fun

Yesterday's struggle.  The lower molar is an example of what the ravages of chewing tobacco look like.  Getting out the decay
was a massive problem and restorability was a concern.  I had no trust in controlling coronal leakage so I bonded the access
closed and then bonded an acrylic crown over the prepped tooth.  ProTapers to 23 mms to a F1.  Apexes to a 35 with ProFiles...0.02.
Used Epiphany with primer since I have more comfort with it bonding at this point...may change to self etch.  Temp was made
by doing a PVS impression of bonded build up and then prepping and cementing temp permanently.  The overbuilding of distals was
to widen the contact area to keep tobacco out.  He is on the sugarless variety of Redman.

#15 was in one tiny mouth but on a beautiful young lady so at least that lightened the load.  This one was fairly straight
forward but did have an MB2 and what appeared to be an DB2 (turned into a very wide orifice and not a canal).  Could not get
that dang MB2 separated...merged 2 mms from apex.  All canals to a F2 except the palatal and it was to a F5.  Finished buccal
apexes to a 45 with 0.02 ProFiles.  Epiphany with primer using System A on both the lower and upper molars.  Just a couple
from yesterday...nothing special.  Guy

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