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1-2-1-2 lower premolar - Courtesy ROOTS

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credited for the individual posts where they are - www.rxroots.com
From: Venkat
Sent: Tuesday, February 16, 2010 9:39 PM
Subject: [roots] 1-2-1-2 lower premolar

I spent 3 hours on this tooth in 2 visits. During the first visit, I could not get patent in lingual canal
but worked on the buccal to MAF#25. Second visit, got patent in lingual #8 was first to bind. This was a
confirmation to me that this tooth had 2 POE's. But after this I could not get 2 files to Wl and also saw
irrigant movement between two. I could not get the MC to length together. This confused me and I did not
forsee 1-2-1-2 config. But after I packed the buccal first, I could get the lingual MC a little further.
I was not sure of the 2 POE's fill till I took the post OP. Voids in lingual :((. - Venkat

Great work Venkat!!! - Javier Pascual Beauty Venkat - Terru Pannkuk Beautiful! You also show how freaky some are in here, when you worry about the voids. It is good that you do, because you raise the bar for yourself. But some people would call you nuts. Those who think like that, do not strive to excellence like you, keep up the superb job you are doing - RafaŽl Wow! Impressing trophy :-) Thanks for posting! - Dmitri Hi Venkat......very nice case .........this is the first Roots mail I am reading in a long time and what a good case to see after a long long lay off. - Sachin
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