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Mandibular nerve proximity

From: Terry Pannkuk To: roots Sent: Saturday, December 10, 2011 3:23 AM Subject: [roots] Should I have been nervous about the nerve? Mandibular nerve proximity was close to the apices of this tooth I treated today. CBCT showed the nerve to be real close - Terry Mandibular nerve proximity Thanks for the post.Thats a good question. I would have definitely been nervous treating this case. If it had PARL,I would have chosen lateral condensation considering benefit vs risks of sealant extrusion. You have always demonstrated excellent apical control, which I envy;). I have attached some cases, please comment on how you grade these extrusions?I particularly hated the last one with significant post op discomfort for 7 days. Another question I have is when studies consistently show poor outcome with overfilling , do they mean sealant extrusion or ripping of the apex and extruded GP? - Unni Itís probably not as much about what you see radiographically, and is more about what you heavy-handedly burn and slash with chemicals and instruments that you don'ít see on the radiograph, i.e. the crime scene that gets littered with radiopaque debris after the dastardly event - Terry What about Ca(OH)2? Did you do anything differently applying that in this case? - Geoff
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