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Attrition and mesial caries with AAP

From: Venkat To: ROOTS Sent: Sunday, January 08, 2006 2:32 AM Subject: [roots] MB3 Did this case in June 05. Attrition and mesial caries with AAP 2 visits Didnt have to trough much to find all 3 mesial canals Tissue tags and bleeding points led the way Protaper for preparation canals were confluent at middle 3rd Could reach WL seperately through each canal (neosono) Did not attempt to remove intercanal dentine lateral condensation with ultrasonic tips (Satelac P5- 05&07 tips) Not an impressive Post -op as I thought it would be- need to improve. Used friends Nikon 4500 ( he took 6 months to send me the pics, better late than never) please comment - venkat

well did you find the three mesials? did you use a scope or some other device? nicely done. - Vimal I have been using 2.5x loupes. in my opinion rubber dam helps you focus better. DG16 to explore the orifice, reciprocating HP with hand files to create glide path, profile orifice shapers for coronal flare if the entry is curved or I use GG, final prep with protaper - venkat Fantastic job Venkat ..................very very nice indeed. How do you find the satelac ultrasonic tips for condensation?? - Sachin

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