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Mb root with three curves
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From: sashi nallapati
Sent: Wednesday, April 27, 2005 4:30 AM
Subject: [roots] more curves

One of most of the difficult cases that i did in the program so far..
Mb root had atleast three curves.
In the MB1
Coronal third :- MB curve exiting the chamber,
Middle third :-  Palatodistal curve mid root
Apical third :- Distobuccal curve exiting the canal.
it was a even to get a 10 to length.
GGs for coronal flaring and eliminate the first curve
after a 15 hand file to length, Gt 10/30 and 40 to smooth off
the middle curve
hand file 20 to patency and slightly beyond
Prebent F1 to length in a handpiece (see WL rad) to negotiate
the apical curve.

Mb2 canal i could not get anywhere beyond 3 mm and there was a huge
isthmus which i smoothed off but not all the way as it appeared to
extend all the way in to the apical area of the root.(see pic)

Db has a dogleg bend in the apical third , F1 to length and perhaps
a 06/25 taper K3 as well.

palatal has an open apex and was hard to contol the obturation

all in all , a tough case and after 4 hrs of rx time over 3 visits,
i got an average result which my patient and i can live with.
its infuriating to see how some people oversimplify the issues in
endodontics and try to sell instruments and make believe that one
system works for all...sashi nallapati

World class average result sashi. - Gary Continued good work, even in the absence of a past president. Colorado is full. No more endodontists needed here. :-) Difficult cases, managed very well, on a day-to-day basis. This is the WL film I took on the "Everything case" I posted today. I have not decided how I'm gonna prep it yet - John A Khademy tough case, better you than me! good luck John...Sashi Nallapati

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