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Massive caries and inflammation

From: Terry Pannkuk To: roots Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2012 12:32 AM Subject: [roots] Working on a 100% failure rate for this patient I started treating this woman in 1999. The second molar was the first one I treated. Iíve watched it self-destruct during 3 recall cycles over 10 years. Still not restored, massive caries and massive inflammation around the temps sheís had for a decade. She constantly no shows for her cleanings and appointments with her dentist who is frustrated beyond believe. Wealthy woman, wife of a very successful physician. The first molar I treated will be gone by the time I get a 5 year recall on it. Itís developing a perio furcation defect and packed with food/plaque. 2005-2006 we presumed she was going to follow through with the comprehensive treatment plan. Now in 2012 we know better. I wonít do any more endo treatment on this woman or itís going to kill my long term endo outcome rate. Don'ít need anymore xís in the failure column - Terry P.S. There was no point in my wasting time getting a CBCT for this recall, it doesnít serve her needs. massive caries and inflammation
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