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 Mixing EDTA & NaOCL experiment
- The opinions within this web page are not ours.Authors have been credited
for the individual posts where they are. - photographs courtesy: Ahamed Tehrani

From: Ahmad Tehrani
Sent: Tuesday, May 02, 2006 6:21 AM
Subject: [roots] Mixing EDTA & NaOCL experiment

I am like a dog with a bone at times.
My schedule changed today and I decided to see for myself what happens 
when you mix EDTA and bleach together. Of course his is only a simpleton 
exercise, but in a way answered some of the questions lingering in my mind.
First off the mixture had an exothermic reaction that got hot to touch....~145 F.
and dang it, I was so excited that I forgot to take a picture of the 
temperature....(( I added little by little more hypo and it took 6cc of NaOCl 
to change the color up to the dark red color when I tested the 100% bleach by 
itself. So the final solution had 8cc of bleach and only 1cc of EDTA.
the ratio was 8:1 to neutralize the effects of EDTA.

Folks this is what you get from a cheap lab with no corporate sponsors. 
but hey I had fun and on the very next patient, found a MB2 in a second molar. 
I believe in Karma.....My name is Ahmad.))

Ahmad...this reminds me of a song by Styx... "Too much time on my hands" - Joey D That was cool, Ahmad. I did not know about the exothermia. It makes sense, of course, when you mix an acid, even a weak one and a base. DougR Doug: I am a visual learner by default. Most of the stuff make perfect sense to me, when I see it with my own eyes. Mixing all these different chemicals in the root canal creates chemical reactions that we not be aware of. Terry wrote a while back that he never mixes different chemicals in the root canal because of unknown reactions that may occur. I think he has a point. - ahmad Nice experiment Ahmad, thanks for posting! - Marga One thing must be kept in perspective......are the results clinically significant in terms of outcome? - Fred This month's EXCELLENT JOE (May 2006) article -- REVIEW -- by M. Zehnder covers this mixture: NaOCl + EDTA. Actually, the author does not recommend it, pointing out that the "bubbling" is actually inactivation of the NaOCl -- if I read it correctly. So, the author rec's NaOCl throughout instrumentation, then EDTA after all NaOCl is done and suctioned out (my interpretation). Regardless, this article is one of the best I have ever read! 5 stars -- a must read. - Enjoy, :) - Judy Ahmad, I alway thought you were cool. This confims it. Evidence-based coolness. - : ) Wes

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