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Mesial systems with POE

From: Sergiu Nicola To: ROOTS Sent: Friday, May 28, 2010 6:44 AM Subject: [roots] top challenge retreatment case. Long time has past since i had done a retreatment as hard as this one. The patient is a friend of mine who asked me 2 years ago if i can look at two teeth which are bothering him when cold or hot is in contact (#3.6;#3.7) Since i was quite busy, i scheduled him 3 weeks after the phone call, and a day before schedule, when he was called to confirm the appointment he said he solved his problems somewhere else:) But 2 weeks ago i got another call from him telling me that one of them started to hurt so much and he went to the dentist who did the initial root canal and scheduled him for surgery and he is sooo afraid of surgery, can't i help him? I saw him that evening and started the retreatment, no patency on mesial system in the first visit.Today was the second appointment. I removed the broken file, and to my surprise, all the mesial system was having one POE (see this movie : ) Sorry for the poor quality of xrays, my digital sensor has decided to die , so i am temporary using selfdeveloping films) So, let's review the dificulty of this case: 1. apical SI 2. Ribbon shape open apex distal canal - i packed MTA 3. middle mesial canal 4. difficult and time consuming pre endo buildup. Sergiu

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