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  Material for cementing the post

The opinions within this web page are not ours. Authors have been credited
for the individual posts where they are. - photograph courtesy: Marga
From: Marga Ree To: ROOTS Sent: Saturday, December 10, 2005 9:02 PM Dear Marga, I would like to know which dual cure cement do you use to cement post, is it panavia or Perma Cem from DMG. Now permacem and luxacore are available here. I want shift form panavaia and photocore. I need your advice. - Raghu I prefer to use the same material for cementing the post and making the build-up. That is either LuxaCore (self or dual cure) or Build-it (dual cure). Both build-up materials have the right consistency to use in a needle tube of Centrix. My assistent squirts 2 equal quantities out of the gun, and mixes this with a spatula, and then fills the needle tip with the material. Then I make sure that the tip of the needle tube is in contact with the root filling, and I take my time to fill the whole post space with the build-up material. My assistant has prepared the post in the meantime, which she hands over to me in a pair of tweezers. I insert the post in the filled post space, and wait till the material has set (in case of a self cure) or light cure it (in case of a dual cure). Then I fill the rest of the prepared tooth with the build-up material, to complete the coronal part of the build-up. By doing it this way, you create a type of monoblock, in which the post is embedded. I include some pictures, to illustrate this treatment sequence.- Marga Material for post cementing and build up

Material for post cementing and build up

Material for post cementing and build up Thank you Marga, Why was 2 posts in bicuspids, do you recommend always to insert 2 posts? and how about long term success of bicuspids with post and core? - Raghu Hi Raghu, First of all I try not to remove extra tooth structure to make room for the post, I try to accomodate the post in the availabe space. If the smallest post will not fit, I take a post drill and first try to use it with handforce, that gives me more control. The less tooth structure you have the more flexure you get with a fiber post. A fiber post supposedly has about the same modulus of elasticity as dentin, but is much thinner and, therefore, flexes more than the tooth when forces are applied. This makes it less likely to break the root, but also makes it more likely to have leakage under the core if there is not enough remaining tooth structure to resist lateral forces. One of the reasons that I used 2 posts here is to increase the stiffness. - Marga Very nice, as always, Marga. What post are you using? And is that plastic matrix commercially available, or do you make them yourself by cutting a crown form? DougR Thanks Doug. In this case I used the tapered FibreKleer posts of Pentron. The plastic matrix is a core form, from which I cut the occlusal part away with a scalpel. I turn it upside down, insert it in the sulcus, so that the smallest diameter is at the cervical part of the tooth that has to be restored, and the widest part is going to be at the occlusal surface. This gives you a kind of a tooth model. A wedge is usually not necessary, and I don't bother with the weird shape after you have removed the form, you can easily adjust this with a diamond and a finishing bur.- Marga Material for post cementing and build up And strongest and fastest setting. 4 minutes with or without lights. And is my choice for cementation of a post in the rare instance I place one. Bruce has a winner with the stuff.- gary hi dr raghu , i have a thing that work well , use duolink (bisco and their dual cure core build up , BISCORE , THEY WORK EXCELLENT AND R ECONOMICAL TOO HOPE THIS HELPS - Gurpreet Singh Speaking of economical factors, Build-it is by far the least expensive dual cure core material. - Marga

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