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Missed lateral canal

From: craig barrington To: roots Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2012 4:32 AM Subject: [roots] clear root of the single file mentality..... this isnt the actual tooth i spoke of earlier today. that one is still coming down the line. but this one was ready and it made me kinda smile .....dont know if you find this one useful nor do i know if it is what you are looking for. it is certainly in some amount of appropriate contrast to the other cases provided. ie: the complexity of the anatomy is the issue at hand. it can be demo'd ad nauseum......... .....but this one here is the can be a poster child or even a "work of abstract art" for the single file mentality in it's tolal ignorance of the finer points. a big post crameed to hell and off centered in the canal.............. still and all in the prescence of a definitive apical lateral canal. show this to an endo minded individual and they will mentally roll through stacks of previously read research that has been done on the concern or necessity of treating lateral canals let alone the main canal. it's about attention to detail. the endo guys always dressed the most professional back when i was dental school...... they were the most irritable.....:-)....they seem to notice this stuff and somehow it matters..... ask this lady about losing her tooth and if she knew what i/we knew, she would additionally .... about the missed lateral the loss of her tooth.... fwiw..... Craig barrington Missed lateral canal

Missed lateral canal

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