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Minimally Invasive (MiNi) Microscopic Endodontics (ME)

From: Rajiv Patel To: ROOTS Sent: Monday, August 15, 2011 8:23 PM Subject: [roots] MiNi ME Mesialized access on this one. Minimally Invasive (MiNi) Microscopic Endodontics (ME) A la JK....Depositing some dentinal dollar$ in the Bank of conservative dentistry, so maximized approach through the mesial while $aving dentin over the PON to the distal root canal. Fire On! - Rajiv Patel Flower Mound/ Denton, TX

Hi Rajiv, Thanks for the post. Do you have a chamber photo to share.- Unni now go draw on that xray what you percieve the tooth to look like after the crown prep and define how leaving this dentin conserved anything......... MiNi ME is quite possibly referrring to a pelvic region entity more than anything..Craig barrington Thanks for taking a shot at this one Craig, How about trying what I have here on an extracted tooth and seeing for yourself...respectfully ....let's not shoot below the waist...(: - Rajiv but it makes absolutely no sense what so ever..........i mean.... NONE.....Craig barrington Nice Job Rajiv...and the lower molar too. - John A Khademi .and radiographs are 2D not 3D. Strategic extension and knowledge of anatomy will allow you to extend access gain direct line extension to facilitate irrigant flushing of debris, visualization of deep anatomy with only nudging of 20-25% of the circumference of the access prep. There is no scientific evidence to suggest this weakens anything except the untrue promotional fantasies of those promoting their own biomimetic access burs Our profession is infested with bullshit artists polluting science and destroying clinical common sense usually in an attempt to sell some overpriced clinical trinket like a fake Rolex watch to a dental tourist who just fell off the sight-seeing turnip truck - Terry Terry, Nice thought (hemorrhoids and donuts) plus the question that everyone would like to do (where the recalls?) Grtz. - Gustavo Thanks for your comments Terry, I think there is a need to balance our actions and our views.... I am open to all of them....experience comes with experience of self or others......(: Rajiv

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