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Maxillary lateral incisor lesion

From: Chaniotis Antonis
To: roots
Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2012 7:25 PM
Subject: [roots] maxillary lateral incisor lesion 9 years recall

I don't like extruding calcium hydroxide in the periapical area, 
however when extrusion occurs in maxillary lateral incisor lesions 
i just wonder if intentional extrusion is beneficial there.
Please check out the 9 years recall of a lateral maxillary central 
incisor treatment. BTW sealer extrusion didnt impaired healing. 
(If ever) Until today this is i guess my longest recall. i am glad 
i kept my files in a bag for so many years.
- Antonis chaniotis

maxillary lateral incisor lesion

Antonis, it is so nice to see long term healing in our patients.  
How is the coronal restoration holding up these years? I ask because 
it is a very big one. - Freddy Belliard
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