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Medicare Management Academy - UK
Your ticket to a Career in UK ....

Welcome the Medicare Management Academy!

If you're looking to grow your practice and develop the skills within your team we have a proven track record 
in the training and developing of health care teams to meet healthcare quality regulations, provide excellent 
'customer first' services and enhance profitability.

On this site you'll find details of our range of courses for healthcare professionals. As an Accredited 
BTEC centre our courses are carefully quality assured internally by us and externally by BTEC/Edexcel. 
Learning outputs are measured to determine the difference your investment has made to your practice.

We bring you expert training from a team if dental trainers lead by Glenys Bridges a leading healthcare trainer
with more than 20 years of experience. We believe in bringing a fresh customer first approach to the management 
of healthcare services.

Today's regulatory climate is formalised and structured, whole team participation in meeting quality standards 
is essential for practices to maximise their investment in quality development. Our practical and training and 
development programmes are the gateway to the practice management answers you've been searching for.

Reasons to Enrol onto one of our courses today

  • You’ll benefit from our many years’ experience of adding management skills sets to health care professionals
  • Our blended learning approach means the course delivery is tailored to individual learning preferences
  • Feedback and tutorials provided within 48 hours on request
  • We bring in expertise from other industries and consider their quality triumphs
  • Up to date with all necessary Health and Social Care Regulations and Governing Body Standards
  • Course fees over 350.00 can be paid in instalments
  • We take a unique, holistic approach to your training and development
Working in a dental team in the UK is a satisfying and rewarding career. Medicare Management Academy has a proven track record in the UK of training and developing dental nurses and practice managers to become part of vibrant healthcare teams We are now offering limited places at our Academy for overseas students to gain training and hands- on experience of working in UK practices. With a work placement in one of our sister company's surgeries. If this is the type of opportunity you are looking for, please Please note that once accepted we will arrange for your accommodation in the UK at our special rates.

Don't just take our word for it. Here is what our learners have to say

"I am still completing my coursework, yet I am already seeing the benefit of this training" | "Glenys was brilliant, she made it interesting all day" | "Use what I have learned every day it make me feel confident in delegating work to my team" | "Information was presented in an easy to understand way. It was very interesting" | "Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks" | "The best investment I have made this year"

For full details visit our website
K 3 lightspeed
Crown replacement
Root reinforcement
Vertical root fracture
Periodontal pocket
Cox crapification
Cold sensitivity
Buccal sinus
Nikon 995
Distal canals
Second mesial canal
Narrow escape
Severe curvatures
Unusual resorption
Huge pulpstone
Molar access
Perforation repair
Maxillary molars
Protaper shaping
Pulsing pain
Apical periodontitis
Mesial middle
Isthmus protocol
Fragment beyond apex
Apical trifurcation
Jammed K file
Mesial canals
Irreversible pulpitis
Bicuspid abscess
Sideways molar
Red Dye allergy
Small mirrors
Calcified molar
Extraction and implants
Calcificated central
Internal resorption
Bone lucency
Porcelain inlay
Bone allograft