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Miracles of MTA : swelling and draining fistula - Courtesy ROOTS
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From: "Christoph Kaaden"
Sent: Monday, August 28, 2006 9:11 PM
Subject: tube_Re: [roots] newbi christoph kaaden

I decided to go right ahead and post my first case which I treated a while ago- the german section of
roots already knows this case, but I decided to also show it here as it is a clinical situation
I don't see and treat every day and maybe is of some interest.

30 year Asian patient with history of dental trauma (about 18 years ago), previous RCT and post and
core/crown. No history of apical surgery.

Now swelling and draining fistula; after taking an x-ray the patient was sent to the oral surgery
department by his GP for extraction (history of anaesthesia-intox?). By mistake he showed up in our
urgent care and we decided to give it another try.

The crown as well as the metal post were mobile and were easily removed. Lots of irrigation and CaOH;
then I luted the crown (without the post) as a temporary. Next appointments: MTA plug (didn't really
need a scope to look down the canal on this one), bleaching, anatomic post n'core (from RTD/France)
and new ceramic crown.

Incredible what "miracles" MTA can produce - Chris

Cool first post-very nice! Beautiful job on that crown also. I'm beginning to think all you G ermans are master artists! :-) Now if the patient never closes his mouth, that work should last a while.... just razzing you a bit concerning the poor c-r ratio. :-) - Mark Hi Mark! Thank you for the compliment. The post'n core and crown (zircon) has been "in situ" for about 1,5 years now. Are you familiar with the luting process of an anatomic post'n core? It's a dt-light post covered with uncured composite. After isolation of the "tube" you carefully/slowly insert the anatomic post. The composite is adapted to the remaining tooth structure and then light cured. Afterwards the post is removed and additionally light cured. Before luting the now (hopefully) "perfectly" adapted post should be tried in again and than luted like any other post. This should result in a very thin layer of luting composite and mean fair shrinkage - chris Welcome Chris...................nice presentation ............ the anatomic post and core (RTD/France) is something new to me - Sachin Hi Sachin! This system was something I learned from this article: Grandini S, Sapio S, Simonetti M.:Use of anatomic post and core for reconstructing an endodontically treated tooth: a case report. J Adhes Dent. 2003;5(3):243-7 I received an email by RTD yesterday though, saying they stoped producing these type of post...:-((((( - chris

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