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Molar case - Courtesy ROOTS

From: Noemí Pascual
Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2007 04:27 AM
Subject: [roots] Molar CASE

35 year old female was referred for endodontic therapy for tooth 27.
Clinical examination revealed it was pulpitis irreversible.Three canals were located.
The working lenght for each canal was established to approximately 0,5mm from the
apical foramen using the apex locator. Race rotary files were used to prepare the canals.
5,25% NaOCl was used for irrigation. The canals were rinsed with citric acid and the
final irrigation was performed with 2% chlorhexidine. Calcium hydroxide was applied with
a lentulo-spiral for 2 weeks. The access cavity was sealed with Cavit. 2 weeks later, the
patient came back asymptomatic. The calcium hydroxide was removed from the canals.
The obturation was done by a lateral condensation technique with guttapercha and AHPlus.
Build-up with amalgam.

All suggestions and criticism are very wecolme!!! Kind regards,- Noemí Pascual

Hi Noemi....................nice case indeed. - Sachin That´s it Gabriela !!!! You touch in the point!!! I tried to convince rooters months ago that amalgam ISN´T the best material (but it’´s not so bad) to do the build up…’cause its properties…but they think that is the best, so … I agree with them when we ‘re talking about the microleakage(amalgam is the best in terms of leakage, so far!!) , and by the way what about the posts rooters? Who use the metal post or the fiber post treat with resin?? IN cases that the Root IS friable or even weak? Gracias - Guilherme