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Medium radicular root trunk

From: Javier Pascual To: roots Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 1:01 AM Subject: [roots] ENDO IMPLANT ALGORITHM This patient came today, she is a 16 year old girl. Patient is slightly symptomatic. And GP asked me if endo is possible here. Tooth 4.7 Vertical and horizontal percussion negative Normal response to cold test Wide band of buccal and lingual attached gingiva Normal probing (distal pseudopocket) Medium radicular root trunk I prepared a letter for the referral. We must first talk with the peri. But I think maybe this tooth have a chance If surgical crown lenghtening is possible. First endo, then maybe in the same surgery 4.8 extraction, crown lenghtening in 4.7 and distal wedge. What about restauration post/core/crow? What do you think? - Javier Medium radicular root trunk

Medium radicular root trunk

Medium radicular root trunk Would anyone consider removing the lower 2nd molar and giving the 3rd molar a chance to erupt into place? - Geoff Hill Thank you very much Dr. Cunha. Craig and Daniel so I should have better named email conservation-extractrion algorithm... GP was seriously thinking to remove this tooth. I just only wanted to make him realized that this tooth has a chance as crown-lenghtening is perfectly possible: good root trunk, no aesthetic involvement, great ammount of queratinazed gingiva, lingual approach. Chiaontis preserving this tooth implies serveral complex treatments (endo, perio, restaurative) so I think we have to choose the most predictable treatment, so I think partial pulpotomy is not indicated here in this particular complex case - Javier Hi Javier, Specially because we are talking about a 16 yr old patient I would try to save that tooth. Good idea to talk to perio. To restore I would suggest post / core and crown. - Rodrigo Cunha this isnt even on the charts for me as far as being on the "endo implant algorithm".......this is for sure a NO GO on the implant in my book........ this is a complete endo with SSC and let the patient grow up. not even on the charts as far as crown lengthening goes............. simple endo and SSC discussion or debate needed .02 - Craig Barrington Craig could you please tell me what is SSC? Thank you very much - Javier

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