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MTA Puff

From: Mark Dreyer
Sent: Sunday, July 15, 2007 2:53 AM
Subject: [roots] MTA puff

2 visit re-tx finished today.  No gutta percha in this canal.
MTA, glass ionomer, and dual cured resin.  When's the last time
you saw an MTA puff?  Check out the lateral canals filled with MTA.
The only thing I did different is I used the Endo Activator to
facilitate placement of the MTA.  Pretty cool I thought. - Mark

Mark , very nice Endo tx but I have to ask the tooth has bone loss seems hyper erupted and is poorly positioned. wouldnt an implant have served the pt better giving a more acceptable esthetic result with a better long term prognosis? - Gregory Kurtzman Gregori, I would have probably tx planned as you suggest if it was my call. However, it looked better in the mouth than it appears on the x-ray, and I wasn't the one making that decision.- Mark MTA is a "hard-to-manipulate" material, a puff with it is possible only with a very wide apex. Please, remember the consistency of MTA, and you will realise, why it is so difficult to get a puff with MTA. - Dr. Renaldas Kanarskas

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