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  Multiple resorption?

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From: Noemí Pascual
Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2007 4:21 AM
Subject: [roots] Multiple resorption???

I have not visited this patient yet. I´ve got her first visit on Wednesday or Friday.
A friend of mine visited her. He did the extraction of 27 and he send me the patient for evaluation
due to the image between 43-33. Any recommendation? - Noemí Pascual

Noemi, THis may be a radiographic artifact on the panoramic film, as I do not see the resorption on the peripical film. - DanS I bet a bottle of a fine spanish wine that those teeth are vital. on a panoramic xray i often see something like this, actually there are the aerial ways superimposed on bone. Since panoramic xray has the same principle as a CT, and the rx cone is moving, it is logical that it catches the aerial ways sideway from the original location. - Sergiu Nicola Hi Sergiu, when we meet each other I will give you a bottle of a fine spanish wine... thanks for your comments about panoramic xray - Noemí Pascual Noemi, For a reasonable differential diagnosis you might try the UCLA ORAD web site at http://www.orad.org/cgi-bin/orad/patient.pl Just plug in the patients particulars from the drop down lists. This should give you a starting point so as not to miss possible differential possibilities - Mike Hoen Hi Michael, Thank you a lot for the link. I think it´s very useful!!!!! - Noemí Pascual Hi Mike, are you the main author on retreatment analysis by Hoen, Pink? - Sashi