News Digest 27 (20th May 2001)

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DENTAL INDIA NEWS DIGEST 27 - Sunday, May 20, 2001
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from Dental India
4th Year of service to Dentistry in India
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1   Gold Inlay and 3/4 Crown - Part 1 and Part II
2   Broken file case
3.  Bleeding on scaling
4.  Carbon Fibre Posts
5   Ideal root filling material
6   Nice Protaper case
7   CaOH Problems
8   Non Vital bleaching
9   Sealing Caps
10   Please help  us to update Dental India Data Base!
11  Dental India - offline in CD
12  Special offer
13  Members Forum
14  New Tariff - Dental India

10 Please help us to update Dental India Data Base!
Thanks to the (73)dentists who have already updated
their informations!

Request to the remaining 1500 members!
Please take a minute to provide informations about you!
The statistics will enable us:

1. to know the age group of our members
2. Specialities they are involved
3. to give importance to the specialities they are in
4. to circulate informations of the proposed get-togethers
5. Demographic informations of the members
6  to get the feedback on the dentalindia site / newsgroup

These informations will help us to serve you better

Dental India is updating the database of Dentists
in India as well as Indian Dentists who are living
abroad.  Your co-operation in furnishing the
following details will enable us to update our
records.  Please forward this to your friends/
colleagues also so that they can send their
particulars to

Thanks for your time and co-operation

Dental India

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who are also Dentists)

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11  Dental India - offline in CD
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Due to space constraint old articles/abstracts/case studies/
Web discussions/X-rays  and all images and webpages
uploaded upto Dec 2000 will be erased shortly
(to make way for new additions...)and they
will be available in the CD version to be released

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It is proposed to bring out Dentalindia offline in CD.,
with regular updates once in 3 months,
exclusively for 1570 members of the Dental India Forum.
This will save of you lot of internet time and you can
go through tons of articles in Dental India at your convenience.
Of course,  links to other websites if any,can be accessed via
internet only. Apart from offline version, power point presentations,
book marks, patient informations etc. will also find place.
Articles your articles are also welcome, to be included in the CD.

Please let us have your views/suggestions on this proposal
and the maximum price that can be fixed.  Prices can be brought
down if  all the members of our forum show interest in it.


12 Special Sales - Dental Videos - Limited offer
13 Members Forum: I want to do PG Course Partial denture implant of the lower set Literature on Investment materials Any online diploma courses? Want to become IDA member ------------------------ I want to do PG Course ------------------------ hello sir/madam, i am Dr.vasu i completed BDS course one-year back and i want to do PG course.but the problem is my college is not recognised.there is any chance of doing my PG before my college get the recognisation.if any chance is there let me know. thanking you, - vasu. ---------------------------------------- Partial denture implant of the lower set ---------------------------------------- Hi, I am thinking of having a partial denture implant of the lower set . I live in the UK and thought it may be less expensive to have the work carried out on India . Can you direct me to anybody that is very good in this field please . Thanks for your help , David ---------------------------------------- Literature on Investment materials ---------------------------------------- sir i need LITERATURE ON -SAMIT gypsumbonded investment UNIDENT- GYPSUM BONDED INVESTMENT DURATERM-Bayer-Gypsum bonded investment sir it wouldbe highly helpful if you could send the LITERATURE as early as possible. thank you praveen ---------------------------------------- Any online diploma courses? ---------------------------------------- i was wondering if there are some diploma courses online or correspondance for us dentist or rather for a pedodontist , if so pls let me know, i was actually in search of a job abroad , if you know anybody who can help me out, i was interested in working for the UNO or WHO or UNICEF or other organisations , can you help me out here thanking you eagerly awaiting for a reply - drbob ---------------------------------------- Want to become IDA member ---------------------------------------- Dear friend, I'm a Dentist just finished my course. Now I would like to become the Indian Dental Association (IDA) member. Please let me know the way and if possible, send me the registration form. Thanking you Rajendra Kumar
14 New Tariff - Dental India