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   Necrotic case with AP
The opinions and photographs within this web page are not ours. Authors have been credited for the individual posts where they are. Photos: Courtesy of Gary L Henkel ; Mark- www.rxroots.com

From: gary l. henkel d.d.s.
Sent: Monday, April 30, 2007 4:25 PM
Subject: [roots] just call me pepsi i mean coke

I know everyone gets tired of seeing the good cases, so Iíll show you one I could have done a lot better.  Necrotic
case with ap. Access gained high on tooth near incisal edge for straight line access.  Tried to keep minimal access
as I donít like crowns on mandibular anteriors due to the loss of tooth structure preparation requires, so I wanted
to maximize wall thickness.  I thought at first I had a 2 canaled tooth, but that was not the case.  Instrumentation
sequence was gg 3,2 (did not start with a 4 because of the size of the tooth.  Then guidance hand files #10 .02,
.04,.06, only the .02 used to gain patency, others kept at wl. Finished with liberator rotaries to apical size 40
.04.  filled with Resilon/epiphany squirt and vert condensation starting with dogvan blue end.  Access restored with
composite resin.  Against my usual protocol for ap cases, I one timed this one.  Hope it doesnít come back to haunt

Post mortem:  overambitious with the ggís although I stopped when resistance was met.  Thatís where the coke bottle
developed too much sealer applied- took out most with dry paper points, but results say otherwise trying to keep up
with the dweyerís is killing me!  - Gary L. Henkel D.D.S. M.A.G.D

You must have gone to NY just before this case..)))) just kidding.
....who cares if you get it to heal..... the main thing is to recognize what you did and how to prevent it in future.
post a recall - Ahmad

All right, I'll send a crappy case, Henkel. 2 visit necrotic. Never able to find an mb1/mb2 canal. Troughed down the root and gave up when the color markers disappeared. Symptoms went away between visit 1 and visit 2 with caoh in the canals, so packed it today and prepared her for possibility of future issues. Placed amalgam buildup. Keeping my fingers crossed. I thought the palatal fill looked nice anyhow. There feel better? LOL - Mark Mark: are you going to cut it when the time comes? this looked like a tough case from the start.- Ahmad Lol. That was a tough one. And I just realized I apologize for slaughtering your name. apparently I not only can speak my Rís, I canít type then either. Call me Bawbawa Waltews. - Gary Your comments please
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