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1 Wax Adhesive Liquid
2 Implant Impression Material
3 SureCheck Sterilization Pouches
4 Orthodontic Archwire
5 Protective Laser Loupes

Wax Adhesive Liquid

Seracoll UV light-curing wax adhesive liquid is formulated for use in creating stress-free connections in crown and bridge and implant bar waxups. It is also suitable when fabricating waxups for the copy-milling technique. Homogenous with all waxes, the adhesive cures in 10 seconds using any light-polymerization unit with a UV or LED wavelength range of 270 to 580 nm. Described as clean-burning and residue-free, the liquid adhesive is said to save time and to be highly accurate. Click here for more information Implant Impression Material

Combining technical characteristics designed to deliver quality implant impressions, FRESH Clear Implant Impression Material vinylpolysiloxane exhibits extremely high tear strength, high final hardness and optimal recovery from deformation. Available in both 50-ml cartridges and 380-ml cartridges for mixing machines, the material is completely transparent to minimize alignment errors when placing in the mouth; the transparency also allows the dentist to minimize the occlusal openings in the tray. This creates more pressure when seating the impression, causing greater flow around the implant coping. Click here for more information SureCheck Sterilization Pouches

Designed to show that sterilization conditions for instruments have been met, SureCheck self-sealing sterilization pouches confirm all three sterilization parameters time, temperature, and sterilant contact by means of internal and external steam indicators. The multi-parameter indicator changes color from pink to dark brown for a steam sterilizer; and from blue to golden brown for an EtO sterilizer. This eliminates the need to add separate indicators to each pouch. The pouches have triple seals that prevent perforation; a heavy secure seal at the chevron for protection against instrument breaching; are made of wet-strength treated medical-grade paper; and feature a transparent film. Click here for more information Orthodontic Archwire

Tri-Force Thermal heat-activated NiTi archwire for orthodontics offers three forces pre-programmed into the wire. Gentle forces move light-rooted anterior teeth; moderate forces move the heavier-rooted bicuspid region; and heavy forces move the posterior-molar region, which is the most strongly rooted. The wire serves as an optimal initial archwire that can torque, level and align simultaneously. It is said to meet the requirements of each section of the arch to move teeth most effectively. The wire is available in natural arch shape and round, square and rectangular sizes, with an etched center mark indicating uppers and lowers. Click here for more information Protective Laser Loupes

Featuring built-in protective filters in the carrier lenses and the telescopes, these through-the-lens loupes were designed to absorb harmful rays from a variety of laser wavelengths, including Diode, YAG and Erbium. Each loupe is tailored to an individuals specific facial geometry, working distance and angle of declination. The lightweight loupes are available in HiRes Class II or Class IV HiRes Plus magnification and come with black side shields, a head strap, protective lens caps, and a custom-engraved storage case. Click here for more information

Cases by:
Ahmad Tehrani
Fred Barnett
Glenn Van As
Marga Ree
Mark Dreyer
Noemi Pascual
Sashi Nallapati
Terry Pannkuk
Winfried Zeppenfeld

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