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NATURE-CRYL Family of Denture Base Resins
Fuji FillingTM
G-Cem Self-Adhesive Resin Luting Cement in Capsules
EXA'lence - VPES Impression Material
GENTLEmini LUX 4500B high speed handpiece
N'Durance Dimer Flow
Platypus Sample Box
Perio tray
Needle-free Oraqix Anesthesia
Diode laser
Endodontic paste
GENTLEray 980 Premium Soft Tissue Diode Laser
Nupro NUSolutions

GC America Announces the Launch of NATURE-CRYL Family of
Denture Base Resins: 

GC America, Inc., a leading manufacturer of dental polymers
introduces the NATURE-CRYL Family of Denture Base Materials
consisting of 2 High Impact denture materials,
POUR and NATURE-CRYL MC. For the first time, one brand of
denture base materials is available to meet ALL the needs
of the patient, dentist and laboratory.  Each of the
NATURE-CRYL Products are available in a harmonized
shadesystem consisting of 7 popular shades including the
3 COE-LOR heavily pigmented ethnic shades makes it the most
complete shade system in the industry.  It is available for
use in the most popular processing techniques including heat
cure, fast heat cure, microwave, pour and reline & repair.
Benefit from shadematching across all of the various
laboratory-processing techniques!  NATURE-CRYL gives you the
unprecedented assortment of High Impact materials to fit the
need of the patient and the dental professional.  Especially
interesting is Nature-Cryl HI-20ET, a unique High Impact
denture base material, that utilizes the latest technology
to provide fast 20 minute boiling water cure capability
(with no porosities even in sections up to 8mm in thickness)
AND extended (unusually long) working time for packing
multiple cases, and for injection techniques.
All NATURE-CRYL Products are cadmium free.

Fuji FillingTM- Resin Reinforced Glass Ionomer Restorative
Paste Pak and Self Conditioner  No Rinse Conditioner for
Resin Reinforced Glass Ionomer

GC America is excited to announce two next generation glass
ionomer restorative products. Based on the highly regarded
and successful Fuji II LC, Fuji Filling takes resin
reinforced glass ionomer technology to the next level.
Fuji Filling uses the highly acclaimed Paste Pak Delivery
System also found in FujiCEM and Fuji Lining LC.
Improvements include higher translucency, high radiopacity,
and higher fluoride release. Fuji Filling is available in
6 shades (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, CV, and Blue). Now you have all
the benefits of glass ionomer and resin based restoratives
without sacrificing aesthetics. Fuji Filling is indicated
as a liner, base for the sandwich technique, small core
buildup, or as a full restorative in Classes I, II, III
and V. It’s high fluoride release makes it ideal for all
patients including those found to have a high caries risk.

To improve bond strength and simplify technique GC also is
introducing Self-Conditioner. Self Conditioner is a no rinse
conditioner specially formulated to work with resin
reinforced glass ionomers such as Fuji Filling and Fuji II LC.
The required conditioner for Fuji Filling LC more than
doubles its bond strength to dentin and enamel.

G-Cem Self-Adhesive Resin Luting Cement in Capsules
G-Cem A new Generation luting cement
G-Cem is a new generation one-step, dual cure self-adhesive
resin luting cement in a capsule. The unique hydrophilic
chemistry incorporates the best of glass ionomer and 7th
generation adhesive technologies resulting in a cement
that delivers consistent high bond strengths regardless of
whether the tooth is moist or dry. It has the lowest thermal
expansion of all self-adhesive resin cements, making it
ideal for all ceramic restorations including Cerec® and
Procera®. The result is ultimate ease of use with no risk
of post-operative sensitivity. Available in shades A2, AO3,
Translucent and BO1, G-Cem is indicated for luting of
all-ceramic, metal or composite indirect restorations as well
as endodontic posts - A product of GC America

EXA'lence - VPES Impression Material from GC America

EXA'lence is the new generation of Vinyl PolyEther Silicone
(VPES) Impression Material. EXA'lence is intrinsically
hydrophilic with optimal flow and high tear strength the
result being a predictable performance under any clinical
environment. EXA'lence will satisfy dentists, lab technicians
and patients with easy handling, maximized comfort while
providing EXA'lent results.

GENTLEmini LUX 4500B high speed handpiece
KaVo Dental introduces high-speed handpiece
October 16, 2008

LAKE ZURICH, Illinois--KaVo Dental has introduced the
GENTLEmini LUX 4500B high speed handpiece.

The GENTLEmini LUX 4500B is designed to compliment
KaVo's best-selling handpiece, the GENTLEsilence LUX 6500B.
The GENTLEmini LUX 4500B has a smaller head to further
address patients who have difficulty opening their mouths
wide for full oral access. At 59dB, the GENTLEmini helps
provide a quiet working environment.

GENTLEmini has 17 watts of power. The miniature head and
KaVo's patented handpiece knee angle combination provides
improved access to difficult to reach areas. The three-port
water spray helps ensure cooling of the bur. The hygienic
Plasmatec coating improves tactile feedback and user comfort.

The GENTLEmini LUX 4500B features KaVo's cellular optic
glass rod with a five-year warranty on the rod. KaVo's
automatic drive air adjustment extends turbine life.
The GENTLEmini fits onto existing manufacturers' fiber
optic tubing with the MULTIflex quick connect coupler.

When maintained with KaVo's QUATTROcare Automatic
Handpiece Maintenance System, the GENTLEmini LUX 4500B
features a 2.5-year warranty. The standard warranty
is two years.

N'Durance Dimer Flow

Septodont introduces N'Durance Dimer Flow
November 4, 2008

NEW CASTLE, Delaware--Utilizing an innovation in composite
chemistry, Septodont has introduced a flowable composite,
the N'Durance Dimer Flow.

The chemistry and nano technology formulation enhances
composite properties to minimize shrinkage, enhance ease of
handling and allows for an esthetic material.

N'Durance Dimer flow is based on Nano-Dimer technology.
This means it offers low shrinkage while allowing high
polymerization. N'Durance Dimer Flow is easy to use,
won't slump and polishes up.

Dimer Flow has a medium viscosity so it won't run, drip or
be too stiff during placement. The high radiopacity allows
the clinician to differentiate tooth structure from the
restoration without guessing.

N'Durance Dimer Flow is available in six popular Vita shades
plus Universal Opaque and Bleach White. It is a companion
to N'Durance Universal Composite.

N'Durance Dimer Flow is available through a dental supply

Click here for more information

Platypus Sample Box
Paradise Dental Technologies introduces the Platypus Sample Box
October 23, 2008

Missoula Montana-- Paradise Dental Technologies has announced the availability of the Platypus Sample Box. The sample box is in response to requests from dentists, orthodontists and hygienists following release of the Platypus Ortho Flosser (Item #T105). The company's new sample box is Item #T103. This box contains 75 bags of 3 flossers for a total of 225 pieces. Platypus Ortho Flosser is an orthodontic flossing device created with the patient and practitioner in mind. Traditionally, patients with braces have had to thread floss under the wire for teeth. This can take up to 15 minutes. With the Platypus, a patient can floss in one to two minutes. The Platypus has increased patient compliance up to 80%. Click here for more information Perio tray

* Delivers and maintains antimicrobials in the sulcus * Kills 99.98% of periopathogens * Overcomes crevicular fluid flow * Reduces pocket depths and C-Reative Protein levels * Reduces bleeding points Click here for more information Needle-free Oraqix Anesthesia

Oraqix (lidocaine and prilocaine periodontal gel) 2.5%/2.5% is a subgingival locally applied anesthetic gel that dispenses as a liquid and sets as a gel in the periodontal pocket. Oraqix provides safe and effective pain relief during scaling and/or root planing procedures without a needle. * Indicated for adults who require localized anesthesia during scaling and/or root planing. * Easy to use needle-free blunt-tipped application * Quick 30-second onset and 20 minute duration * Oraqix is contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity to amide type local anesthetics Click here for more information Diode laser

Designed for soft tissue applications and preventive care, the Odyssey 2.4G Diode Laser delivers an 810 20 nm wavelength and 5W of power, with output precisely delivered in both continuous and pulse wave modes. The 5.5-pound laser is portable and suitable for orthodontic patient care including sculpting tissue for optimal bracket placement, correcting gingival hyperplasia or providing gingival contouring and symmetry. It also can be employed during crown exposure, operculectomies, gingival troughing for impression making, aphthous ulcer treatment and frenectomies. The laser is equipped with a wireless foot pedal, three programmable settings, a retractable optical fiber and aiming beam control. Click here for more information Endodontic paste

Formulated to promote healing and inhibit bacterial growth in the root canal, Forendo calcium hydroxide paste is premixed with iodoform in a silicone oil base. The radiopaque material has a pH greater than 12 and can be used as a temporary or permanent endodontic filling material. It also can be employed as a disinfecting root canal dressing between office visits to prevent flare-ups. In addition, it is suitable for treating infected root canals, abscesses, periapical lesions, perforations, exudation, root resorption and traumatic injuries as well as for apexification and apexogenesis. The paste can be used alone as a temporary canal disinfectant, in conjunction with gutta-percha for permanent filling and for pulpectomies in deciduous teeth. Click here for more information GENTLEray 980 Premium Soft Tissue Diode Laser

Indicated for a wide range of surgical, antibacterial and laser whitening procedures, the portable GENTLEray 980 Premium water-cooled, micro-pulsed diode laser incorporates GENTLEpulse Technology, which is engineered to reduce thermal stress, virtually eliminate tissue charring and allow for minimal post-operative patient discomfort. Other features include high peak powers for fast cutting and reduced treatment times; a water-cooling handpiece that irrigates tissue for minimal post-op discomfort; variable pulse for refined energy to tissue; a sterilizable fiber that permits multiple uses without loss of laser energy to the tip; an easy-to-read color touchscreen that clearly defines procedures and can be touched with a wet glove; and on-board tutorials with 28 preset procedures. It is offered with a 2-year standard warranty. Click here for more information Nupro NUSolutions NovaMin Technology announces launch of Nupro NUSolutions November 3, 2008 ALACHUA, Florida--NovaMin Technology Inc. has announced the launch of NUPRO NUSolutions Prophy Paste by its partner, Dentsply Professional. NUPRO NUSolutions Prophy Paste is powered by NovaMin. It delivers the benefits of tooth desensitization, tubule occlusion and stain removal. The paste integrates a desensitization treatment into standard prophy treatment. Click here for more information

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Ahmad Tehrani
Fred Barnett
Glenn Van As
Marga Ree
Mark Dreyer
Noemi Pascual
Sashi Nallapati
Terry Pannkuk
Winfried Zeppenfeld

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