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Dental India entering 13th year of online!
Dental India newsletter dated 4th July 2010
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8 year recall 8 year old CBCT
Suspected canal single visit RCT
2 year failure Necrotic CPP
Mandibular fracture Post placement
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Multiple CaOH Mandibular premolar
Color map of dentin Hard tissue laser
Laser case Soft tissue laser
Chloroform Patency files
Missed canal
Hyperaemic distals
NHS and dreadful teeth
Occlusal interferences
Unable to find MM canal
Cracked tooth
Calcified canal
Core versus hole
Fiberglass post
Necrotic retreat

Percussion and palpation
Premolar variations
Severe tooth pain
Necrosis and pulpal
Deep apical split
Broken left incisor
Single implant
Broken files
Periodontitis & Endo
Race shaping

Laser with fistula
Rosenberg technique
Carious exposure
Tougher than molar
Endo and Perio
ML joined with MB
Interesting anatomy
Lateral canal
Chamber Floor Split
Apical ledges

Pulpal digestion
Determine working length
Pulp chamber floor
Split root
9 year recall
Weeping lesion
Three furs
Bleach and treat
Alveolar fracture
Root resorption

Sandblasting role
3 rooted molar
Dental douche
Internal resorption
Titanium implants
Lesion on mesial root
Sealer track
Pretty tooth
Munce burs
Wide open apices

Three anomaly cases
Defects at the distal
Lesion on PAs
Root anatomy
Search for MB2
Lateral canal
Post space in P canal
Molar with long roots
TF use limitations
Tobacco ravages

Additional orifice
Crack and pulpal floor
Marginal ridges
Deeply buried implant
Ag Posts
Resorption repair
Ögram System
Curves in mesial canal
Lateral Crown movement
Lesion on MB root

4 canals,4 apexes
Retained root
Owes of NHS
Buccal query
Funky case
Direct pulp capping
Irreversible pulpitis
Serious pathosis
MSDO and Endo tx
Retreatment CBCT