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Dental India Newsletter dated 5th October 2008
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The EIBI (Eastman Interdental Bleeding Index) is a great way for
clinicians to monitor bleeding. It's the toothpick test - use a
triangular shaped wooden toothpick, rub four times in and out, from
the facial only and look for bleeding. Great self-test to teach
patients to do at home. For areas where the toothpick fits between the
teeth, the findings are more reflective of inflammatory infiltrate in
the tissue than BOP.

From the Perio Reports Compendium, page 422

1985 Eastman Interdental Bleeding Index (EIBI)20

utilizes a triangle shaped toothpick made of soft pliable wood
toothpick is inserted 4 times horizontally between the teeth from the
facial surface, depressing the interproximal tissue by up to 2 mm
especially useful for individual patient motivation but also
applicable for clinical studies
score of 0 - no bleeding within 15 seconds of interproximal toothpick

score of 1 - interdental bleeding seen within 15 seconds of toothpick

Caton, J., Polson, A.: The Interdental Bleeding Index: A Simplified
Procedure for Monitoring Gingival Health. Compendium of Continuing
Education in Dentistry 88: 89, 1985.

That's a great idea, Trisha and I especially like the idea of patient
assessment of bleeding at home. I've always felt very strongly that
bleeding is a true sign of inflammation and too few clinicians pay
any attention to it. All of the perio charting I do now is with
software and the recording of bleeding points doesn't work very well
and it's not practical because it's too time-consuming. I'd like to
see a simple bleeding index used instead and a way to note
spontaneous bleeding. Lynne P.S. What do you think would be practical
when working with perio charting software? Dianne also made another
good point today (actually, there were many excellent points!) She
was saying (and I've definitely found this to be true) that
practitioners in chartless practices (and I am working in two of them
right now) forget to update the medical history and write out a
treatment plan these are leading malpractice issues in chartless
practices, we need to change the software so that treatment planning
and med hx updates pop up on the screen as reminders. Lynne
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