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Dental India newsletter dated  12th October 2008
All dental related Google/Yahoo searches landing in

Dental tourism : Dr Gowri Sankar MDS, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Crowns Recalls Cases Cracks
Crown removal
Temporary crowns
Crown fracture I
Crown anterior teeth
Crown post endo
Crown infraction
Crown fracture II
Calcified Crown
Gold inlay and crown
2 years recall
Nice recall
importance of recall
5 year recall
6 year recall
RCT recall
Dens recall
Sinus tract recall
2 months recall
16 months recall
Racing molar case
Troughing case
Necrotic case
Freak case
Biorace case
Bleaching case
Neat case
Calcified case
Beautiful case
AP case
Molar cracks
Crack tooth
Crack and bone loss
Cracked tooth 1
Cracked tooth 2
Crack after crown
Repair of cracks
GP cracked tooth
Cracked Molar
Epiphany Frequently visited MB2
Newsletter 5th Oct 08
Update - 8th Oct 08
Home page
Wisdom tooth
Dental labs
Sensitive teeth
Free journals
Dental jokes
Dental colleges
Dental tourism
New products
Dental dealers
Dental terms
MTA Composite retrofill Top 10
MTA pulpotomy
Failing MTA
Perforation MTA
Anterior MTA
MTA Ultrosonics
MTA case
MTA placing
MTA case 2
Placing MTA
MTA apexification
MTA extrusion
Plug apical with MTA
Perforation case
C shape
Fractured instrument I
Fractured instrument II
Material - Post cementing
Crossing canals
Limited mouth opening
Pulp chamber perforation
Unusual large canals
Trauma case
Crack tooth
Working with microscope
Perforation MTA - basics
Dental wreck Implants MB 1,2,3
Immediate implant 1
Immediate implant 2
Implant case
Implant #18,#19
Retreat Vs Implant
Implant second molar
Implant and plaque
Implant abstracts 1
Implant abstracts 2
Implant abstracts 3
Implant cases
Implant nesting
Frequently visited Tooth #20 Retreatment
Canal Disinfection
buying a microscope?
Necrotic case
Implant proximity
Fracture repair
Update 8th October
16 months recall
Coronal tooth
MB2 special location
Molar paste retreat
K3 resilon case
Perio abstracts
TF retreatment
Difficult retreatment
Ag point retreat
Implant case
Molar retreat
Retreatment Vs Implants
Retreatment #45 & #47
Incisor retreatment
Complex retreatment
Retreatment # 15
Disassembly and retreatment
Healing on retreatment
Lower incisors retreatment
Iffy tooth
Peri apical cyst
Molar resorption
Lower canine
2 roots canine
6 year RCT recall
Coronal restoration
Benefits of pre-endo
Tooth #14
Transparent tooth
MTA via Ultrasonics
Chicane gang
Vertical root fracture
Retreatment du jour
Rubber dam extraction
15 minutes endo
Monster Canaine
Retreatment case 1
Two files case
RCT one year followup
Long standing toothache
Immediate implant
Pulpitis Irreversible
Retreatment after Apectomy
Lightspeed case
# 31 Necrotic pulp
Apical preparation size
Mandibular canine with 2 roots
Lower molar mesial canals
NonaGenerian RCT
Curved Molar
Dental Q & A
Nice Hook
Endo after trauma
Fractured protaper
Six canals
Long one
Pulp stone
Nice recall

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