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Orthoband cases

From: Venkat
Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2010 4:17 PM
Subject: [roots] Ortho Band Cases

I do a lot of retreatment for teeth without crowns or lesion cases where I plan long term CaOH treatment,
Ortho Band is a good security for Pre Endo BU. At the end of OBT it is also used as a matrix for Core BU.

Case1: For future resin core I use Luxacore to hold the Band. These bands (3M Unitek) are laser etched
internally available in various sizes. I remove the existing restoration, decay and then fit the appropriate
band and etch bond and cement. (cavit in the chamber) This is the situation in most cases. If the tooth has
one marginal ridge intact then I will use wedge to separate or regular ortho band separators 24 hours ahead.
In cases with more tooth structure, a traditional way of fixing the band with GIC is preferred. I send the
pt back with the band and RD can easily cut it off during crown preparation. I took the last piture in this
case to show one post os not a good idea for distal roots.

Case 2: For future amalgam build ups I use GIC for cementing the crown. After OBT I remove most of the GIC
just leaving a thin rim around and condense the amalgam. If I choose to remove the band I usually cut it off
or use a band remover.

Case 3: Upper molar with wide smile, in this case the patient was concerned about appearance so I placed
buccal composite on the band after creating mechanical retention.

Case 4: The proximal contact point is not ideal in most cases. I select a band that fits the tooth without
much over hang. I use a wedge to prevent overflow or overhangs. My pt have had no problem in maintaining the
gingival health in these situations.

I hope this is useful.  -   Venkat

Hi Venkat to me this has been one of the best "clinical tips" post I have seen on roots. This will be of great help in my practice. This afternoon Im going to phone a very good friend of mine (orthodontist) and trying to get a little more information about how to place an ortho band and some others advise about what king of band I shoulg buy. What is the blue material you place in some cases? and do you have any experience with copper bands? are they easier to use or not? Thank you very much. Javier VENKAT I HAVE JUST FINISHED THIS CASE, I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT YOUR POST DURING THIS TREATMENT... YOUR LAST POST HAS INSPIRED ME. ILL LEARM HOW TO USE ORTHO BANDS IN THESE SITUATIONS. WORKING WITH SUCH DAMAGED TEETH IS A MESS... IMPROPER CORONAL REFERENCES, BAD TEMPORIZATION IF NEEDED CAOH2 PLACEMENT. IN THIS CASE I HAVE PLACED PERMAFLO PURPLE FOR PROPER INTERAPPOINTMENT SEALING... I KNOW MY REFERRAL WILL PLACE A POST IN DISTAL AND HE WILL BLAME ABOUT MY FLOW... AGAIN THANKS FOR SHARE - Javier

Javier, Thank you for your response. The blue material is a core material (Luxacore) As I said I use it if the final core is going to be resin based. If I do amalgam core, I use GIC In cases with deep gingival margin ortho band proximal extension is not adequate and a copper band might be a better choice. But I have no experience. Terry has posted some cases showing the use of copper bands.I have attached the pdf file .- venkat VENKAT I HAVE BEEN SEEING 3M UNITEK CATALOGHE THERE ARE MILLIONS OF DIFFERENT BANDS... WHICH KIT WOULD YOU RECOMEND ME TO BUY?? - Javier dear Dr.venkat ,thats a beautiful trick you have explained it to us and with great illustration. what kind of s do we have to buy and which company? do you prefer placing posts in such severly damaged cases or not? - kishore nallapati. Javier and Pavan, I use : Universal Molar Bands fits left and right sides (not the narrow ones) they are available as etched or non etched. I will post the product no. I use Etched. 3M brand - Venkat Fantastic - Daniel Shalkey Cool case..great service for the patient! - Terry

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