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Palatal resorption : root tip : Large PA lesion - Courtesy ROOTS

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From: Fred Barnett
Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 2009 9:58 PM
Subject: [roots] fx-resorption case

Trauma many years ago #8 and 9. #9: has fx'd root tip and large PA lesion.
CBCT shows palatal resorption. - Fred

Maybe you could try revasc? - Bart Thats a very big PA lesion, and the palatal bone is compromissed. What will you do with this? Endo and endodontic surgery? Only endo? by the way, CBCT is really awesome - Nuno Vasques We will be doing a Ca(OH)2 treatment for a few months and will re-eval for some repair. Eventually, a MTA plug will be placed. I am hoping to avoid surgery, but the root tip may need to be surgically removed. - Fred Fred, I agree with the caoh2 tratment andI think you should use a MTA plug, but In my opinion, and I have several cases like this one, I would do surgery, remove rhe root tip, place biooss or cerasorb (my favorite, from curasan) and use a membrane, because the lesion is already in the mucosa. With this you will avoid the risk of more bone fracture and root fracture... - Nuno Thanks Nuno....I will post the case as we go along!! - Best, Fred Fred, When it’s dry after rinsing, I would use a MTA plug at the first place and I wouldn’t use Ca(OH)2.! and with the surgery I would also wait, and first see -if the lesion will heal without surgery - Rob Kroese

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