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Parulis and fistula
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From: Terry Pannkuk To: ROOTS Sent: Wednesday, May 19, 2010 12:42 PM Subject: [roots] 2 1/2 week re-eval Seems politicodiplomatically safe to re-do this case now. This is the patient I posted about at the end of April, 3 weeks after he had seen a dentist for this questionable endo. It seems to be clearly failing now, with some mild pain and no improvement. I poked the parulis and traced the fistula to the apex of the root, then took out the gp, drained, irrigated and placed CH. Iíll check him in 4 weeks for resolution of the parulis. This could be a good single visit versus multivisit anecdote. I predict the parulis will heal, but I certainly didnít guarantee it to the patient. Biofilm usually doesn'ít condemn these types of cases. lack of meticulous cleaning/shaping, septic isolation, and poor temporization does. Well see, the saga continues. Iíd still presume this tooth was packed dirty at the time of obturation. Any bets that it will heal, wonít heal without surgery? - Terry
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