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  Hyperemic vital pulp

The opinions and photographs within this web page are not ours. Authors have been credited for the individual posts where they are. Photos: Courtesy of Dr Sashi Nallapati - www.rxroots.com
From: sashi To: ROOTS Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2005 3:54 PM Subject: [roots] partially interesting patient is a dentist.this tooth has a few interesting things going.. 1. On and of pain. 2. previous pulp cap 3. non responsive to cold 4. calcified chamber 5. internal resorption in the palatal root 6. hyperemic vital pulp in the palatal canal despite a PA lesion on the palatal. 7. intiial location of Mb2 and 3 canals at the chamber level which joined after achieving radicular access. 8. mid proceudre i found the mb1 that split off the Mb2 midroot area. anyone can help me with the reference with the person who did a lot of research on vital irr. inflamed pulps with pa lesions? - sashi nallapati

As always a great looking case, with beautiful shape and great apical control. I love the look Sashi......very nice. How did you fill the resorptive area, could you see it in the scope. Did you downpack below and Obtura into it? Finally, what scope are you using and what camera (still 950?) and secondly what instrument system now (a hybrid), do they let you go free rein there or do they tell you what to use. Great case. lovely documentation - Glenn hi glenn, I used conefit and warm vertical downpack to below the defect and obtura backfill and another downpack into the defect and bacfill again. yes i could see the defect through the scope , could not get pics as there is not enough light. I am using a Storzurbal US100 head with Zeiss inclinables retrofit onto it (from endure) nikon 950, carr2 I am using GG 4,3 protapers s1 through f1 or F2, followed by GT 10/40 or 30 in the larger canals for the deep shape, hand files (30-60) for apical prep in all canals depending on the canal sizes.free to use what you like at the program. - Sashi Nallapati Great stuff , pretty much what I thought except the deep shape with the 10/40 or 30. What were the MAF on each of these as the look nicely developed at the apex.- Glenn Mb1,2 are 35,35 db is 30 palatal is 50 - Sashi Nallapati Thanks Sashi, that is the kind of apical enlargement I am aiming for which I like your shape Well done as always.- Glenn Sashi, Great case. Tell me, are those xrays digitals or are you scanning your PAs? If they are digital radiographs, what system are you using and is it totally compatible with TDO? - Vincent Marquis schick, totally compatible with TDO. you can acquire schick rads directly into patients chart with out using the schick software.- Sashi Nallapati