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Pedo time: apical third on distal : squirt case

From: Mark Dreyer To: ROOTS Sent: Thursday, November 02, 2006 5:09 AM Subject: [roots] Pedo time This kid was pretty good. I can't imagine having to do this case on a nervous kid. As it is, I think I could have handled the apical curvatures better, but all in all I'm happy with the result...I could only do hand files in the apical third on the distal, and was able to take 20/04 k3 files to length on the mesials. The pedo doc gives me a green light on all restorative, so I put in the filling also. - Mark
Fantastic . Squirted Iím guessing - Simon Thanks, Simon. Yup, twas a squirt case. Although I haven't used cones to obturate a case in probably 3+ years, I have recently found a use for them....on necrotic cases, I pump a medium cone into anolyte filled canals. Even after doing everything I can think of prior to this to maximally clean the canals, including ample use of an ultrasonically activated file, this gp cone technique dislodges quite a bit of additional debris. It certainly is no stretch to imagine that it's impossible to kill all the bugs in a complex canal system. It's amazing anything heals. - Mark I do the same with cones . An aid to effective irrigation. I pump warm bleach, EDTA, CHX, and then use a cone to get my white stuff to the apex in 2-steps . But Iím still sealing with them too! - Simon Mark, beautiful endo, nice fill . No sedation ? About 9 yrs old ? - Danny Danny, Florida law doesn't allow for a dentist to work on a patient sedated by another medical professional unless the dentist providing the treatment has IV sedation credentials also. So, bottom line, what you suggest is impossible for me or my wife. Too bad actually, because that would be a nice service to offer. - Mark Danny, No sedation needed on this kid. He was better behaved than 99% of my adult patients. - Mark Better you than I, but nicely handled mark. Few could have managed it better. - gary Mark, Very impressive, and a nice restoration too !! - Marga Thanks Marga. I always hold your resin buildups as the benchmark for which I attempt to equal. I've found that using a lentulo helps me avoid void in the junction between gutta percha and flowable resin. - Mark
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