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Pedo time:Cerec Crown bonded on endo tooth

From: Danny O'Keefe To: ROOTS Sent: Thursday, November 02, 2006 6:00 PM Subject: RE: [roots] Pedo time This patient was sent by a pedodontist. 33 years old. Mentally handicapped. No one in this area could do adult dentistry on him We treated the patient in an outpatient surgical center and an anesthesiologist administered general anesthesia . This treatment was accomplished in 1 visit. We did not get a final X-Ray on the endo. I always take an x-ray to check apical fill, then finish squirting. Full Mouth Periapical and Bitewing X-Rays and exam was accomplished ( Pt. couldnít cooperate while awake ) Cerec Crown was made and bonded on endo tooth during this visit 5 lower anterior teeth were prepped for crowns, impressions and temps made Numerous fillings were completed. We use a Zeiss microscope that is provided by the surgical center. for all treatment We bought a portable X-Ray for endo and to do exams because some of the patients canít cooperate, communicate at any time. .Danny

Danny, Nice work on your patient. That's a nice service you provide. Around here, most dentists don't want anything to do with handicapped patients - Mark Danny, Is that a transverse fracture on the mesial root of the endo tooth? - Simon Thanks Simon, I didnít think fracture when I saw it, now I think it is a good possibility. This patient is a horrible grinder. I guess I thought I had found an accessory canal.- Danny
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