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Perf in the furcation

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From: Marga Ree
Sent: Sunday, November 30, 2008 5:22 PM
Subject: [roots] Short cases do heal, sometimes...:-)

Ugly case, I couldn't get to WL, despite 3 sessions and all tricks
I could think of. There was also a perf in the furcation, so I gave
it a poor prognosis.

Last week she came back for a 1 year follow-up. To my surprise,
she was completely symptomfree, and the lesion had decreased in
size significantly. I recommended a new bridge - Marga

Teeth can amaze you, canít they Marga. I repaired a huge strip perf of my partner on the mesial root of 19. Told the patient that the tooth would eventually be lost. The perf was so long that there was no way to pack the MTA except against the remain gutta percha and EndoRez in the canal after I exposed the entire I just spun it in on a lentulo and packed it. Made for an ugly mess out into the lesion but damned if the thing didnít heal up totally. He moved away so I donít know the final result but since it healed, I bet it stayed healed - Guy Hi Marga, well the immune system doesn't know the level of this filling! Turned out well. How did you place a matrix for the build up? Was it one of your upside down crown formers or a tofflemire? Did you move the dam to the tooth distal? - Bill Hi Bill, I have to say that I don't remember that very well, because this is a 1 year recall. Usually, when there is little tooth structure, I clamp the distal tooth. In this case, I think I was able to slide the upside down crown former over the cervical part of the tooth, without moving the clamp to the tooth distal - Marga Hi Marga! Congratulation for the result/healing! Can we make a list of the tricks one can try in order to reach WL in a difficult situation like this? - Andreea

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