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Presidents - Indian Dental Association

2006 Dr Damle S G
2005 Dr Bhagwant Singh
2004 Dr Subash C Shetty
2003 Dr Veerabahu V M
2002 Dr Krishnarjuna Rao C
2001 Dr Krishna Nayak U S
2000 Dr Hari Parkash
1999 Dr Nair K G
1998 Dr Subash C Shetty
1997 Dr Sabherwal D K
1996 Dr Bellie R
1995 Dr Chitre A P
1994 Dr Nailesh K Gandhi
1993 Dr Mohandas Nayak
1992 Dr Gandhi L K
1991 Dr Dikshit V S
1990 Dr Kotak V B
1989 Dr Ramakant Venson
1988 Dr Jalili V P
1987 Dr Pradip Jayana
1986 Dr Rajan B P
1985 Dr Amit Tewari
1984 Dr Keki M Mistry
1983 Dr Bhat G R
1982 Dr Bali R K
1981 Dr Samraj T
1980 Dr Kapadia D M
1979 Dr Prabha A Deodhar (Mrs)
1978 Dr Bhupendra C Shroff
1977 Dr Ramachandran K
1976 Dr Sanghavi V O
1975 Dr Brig J M Rao
1974 Dr Naishad Parikh
1973 Dr Raman C S
1972 Dr Jangoo D Kapadia
1971 Dr Sondhi B R
1970 Dr Diwanji P V
1969 Dr Fali S Mehta
1968 Dr Vazifdar N R
1967 Dr Ratan H Doctor
1966 Dr Mehta F N
1965 Dr Gandhi K M
1964 Dr Joonas A A
1963 Dr Achemedic B
1962 Dr Kapadia N N
1961 Dr Merchant H D
1960 Dr Barory N C
1959 Dr Jagos J B
1958 Dr Shroff C B
1957 Dr Merchant H D
1956 Dr Desai V M
1955 Dr Prakash R
1954 Dr Merchant H D
1953 Dr Patel M K
1952 Dr Kapadia S K
1951 Dr Patel M K
1950 Dr Col Berry N N
1949 Dr Mujumdar S K
1948 Dr Desai V M
1947 Dr Ahmed R
1946 Dr Ahmed R

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