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premature obturation with titanic titanium

From: Rajiv Patel To: ROOTS Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2008 7:54 PM Subject: [roots] Getting shorty! Case of premature obturation with titanic titanium which sunk in the MB canal - took a little cajoling to retrieve this "shorty" 2.5 some mm. of an instrument which obstructed my mission to apical city! Rest all was fun as usual! - Rajiv Patel

Great case! Congratulations. How did you manage to remove de fragment? Magnification? Ultrasonics? any specific device IRS, Remove All Kit, Spriggs technique? Why did it fracture? Cyclic? Torsional stress? Dentin preservention is great. Very nice case. I find really difficult to work inside mesial canals in lower molars with the scope. - Javier Pascual Hi Javier, Thank you for your comments. I did use a microscope to remove the SI. Used a combination of gates and ultrasonics to expose the head of the instrument. If you can't see it you can't do it. I use alcohol + EDTA to keep flushing the debris around the instrument to get a sense of the direction the canal follows and according make attempts to trough around it. I use my favorite work horse for SI's - UT4 from www.eie2.com to trough around the instrument and out comes shorty!....wish it happened easily...(; Don't forget to plug the other orifices with sponge or cotton, otherwise you just might get more practice removing SI's. I did not separate "this" instrument, but my forensic suspicion at the scene of the crime is that it happened because of the lack of a glyde path prior to using the NiTi rotary in the canal led to the premature obturation. And you are absolutely right about need to aware of the limited M- D width of lower molars - not much room to work with...before you enter Perf city.- Rajiv rockin' Rajiv - Kendel I watch your cases ....Rocking too..(: - Rajiv

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