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Post Placement - Courtesy ROOTS

From: Marga Ree
Sent: Saturday, October 29, 2005 7:16 AM
Subject: [roots] post placement

Here is an example of a case in which I placed 2 tapered posts of 
Pentron with Build-it. I used the available space without removing 
extra tooth structure with using a post space bur. Try-in of posts 
after finishing the canal filling, acid etch, prime and bond, 
cementation of posts, application of plastic core form of Kuraray, 
build-up of Build-it, adjusting shape of build-up with diamonds and 
rubber points. - Marga

Fantastic! 1 question? why not we always clamp the adjacent unaffected teeth instead of the one with a weaker structure? - Vipin Very nice case again, hope terry is not coming mad about using the pentron "crap" . Marga, what kind of cement are you using for placing posts.- Bart I've never seen a tooth fracture because of a rubber dam clamp. If it did, then it would be a pretty poor option for a long term restorative plan anyway. I do like to clamp distal to the tooth I'm working on if I need to place a matrix, then I tend to dam an entire quadrant, just makes things easy.- Bill What in a case like Marga's, Bill, in which (if you do not clamp the tooth in question) either 1/ the hole in the dam will not expose the tooth completely because of the lack of tooth structure, or 2/ you have to do partial isolation by enlarging the dam's hole? I think I'd matrix and then clamp the tooth in question (in this specific case, atleast) - Marcos Arenol JL JL, This is a case where I may use the Brinker set of clamps as an additional clamp simply to retract the dam around the tooth that is broken down. I think that placing a sectional matrix or auto matrix type can be done with this clamp in place. - Bill

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