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Internal resorption : Resorptive lesion

From: Mark Dreyer Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2009 5:31 PM To: ROOTS Subject: [roots] Good pus photo-open at your own risk Unusual internal resorption case. I'm doing this one in 3 visits. Reason being I couldn't get the drainage stopped in order to get caoh into the resorptive lesion, so we'll see him in a week to get that done then a month later to finish. This one was a gusher. Cool case. Good 12 yr old kid - Mark Dreyer, DMD

Try to single cone that bad boy. Squirt is where it is at on that! - Gary henkel Good thing that's about the only thing I have in my bag of tricks. I bet we could almost convince Terry P to squirt this one. :-)) - Mark That's the worst thing you could do - Terry Nope. He’ll apically plug, then use vert warm condensation to back fill I suspect. What say thee terry - gary MTA obturation is the best, squirting that large of a mass will shrink like hell and be a horrible seal - Terry Ok, thanks for the input, Terry. Sounds like a good rationale for MTA here - Mark Yep, it's a perfect indication. No gp! - Terry

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