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Improving the quality of videos - Courtesy ROOTS
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From: Maarten Meire
Sent: Wednesday, May 19, 2010 2:08 AM
Subject: Re: [roots] Improving the quality of videos

What I think may also help is to alter patient (arch) positioning, thereby allowing a more acute angle between
incident and reflecting beam on your mirror, which gives a larger image of your object on the mirror.

I changed from a Canon Eos 30D to a Canon EOS 550D this week, so now I'm also able to record video.
I'm very curious and have to play with it a little first. It seems to be a great camera.

For taking still images, the live view function is great. I can now focus far better using the LCD on the back
of the camera, and this will improve if I have a monitor I can send the signal to (in HD, for example!).
The live view also offers an enlarged view (5x and 10x) to even better control the focus. I thought my microscope
was stable, until I used this feature!! It was shaking like hell! You can also control the camera from your PC
or laptop using the Eos Utility software ( with live view on computer
screen, works perfectly)

Some examples attached. Halogen (!) light source and 50/50 beam splitter. Keep recording! - Maarten

Hi Maarten ,I tried to take some pictures with the Canon 500D but it's so hard to focus, I didn't have good results yet. How much time do you have in full HD in your Canon? Is there any limitation? Thank you for your tips, - Jose Manuel Hi Jose, Use live view to focus. Connect your camera to a monitor, bring your object in focus while looking through the binoculars and then fine focus on the monitor. If the exposure time is not too long (let's say 1/100 or higher), you should be able to shoot decent images. Attached a few shots from today. About the full HD recording time: my manual says 12 min for a 4GB memory card, 49 min for a 16 GB card. The card should have a high enough writing speed, otherwise a full buffer memory will stop the recording. Each recording session automatically stops after 29min 59s. Again, I got this from the manual and did not try this myself. Good luck! - Maarten

Hi Maarten,, great pictures, which adapter do you use to mount the Camera to the beam splitter. which settings did you use on the camera? - Andreas Thanks Andreas, On the splitter is a Zeiss f 340 photo adapter (image in attachment), T2 ring to attach the Canon. I use the camera in Aperture priority mode. ISO Speed was automatically set but I noticed exposure times around 1/60 - 1/80 which is too low so next I'll set a higher ISO speed. WB: tungsten light (corresponding to 3200 K, i.e. the color temperature of the Zeiss Halogen according to the Zeiss rep) I start the live view (at 1x or 5X) and then I use the focussing knob on my ProErgo to fine focus - Maarten

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